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Hello!  Welcome to Little Gifted Schoolhouse!

My name is Marianne, and this is my circus.  I mean, homeschool blog and all things about very young gifted children.  I'll share the things we do in our homeschool, printables, activity ideas, gameschooling fun, how to adapt materials meant for older learners for wee little ones and generally how I attempt to keep up with a cheetah.

If you have found yourself with a very young gifted child, or suspect you might (many may not be old enough yet for official testing), it can be a tough, and lonely road.  All your friends and maybe even family may not understand the intensity or asynchronous development you live with.  Well, I hear you.  Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or via email if you have questions.  I really do love meeting other parents of young gifted children.  

My husband Matt and I have one kiddo which I will refer to as M here.  She's currently 3 1/2.  Intellectually, shes twice that age.  Socially and emotionally, its all over the ball park but less.  Energy levels are through the roof.  Curiosity is insatiable.  It's always an adventure here!  Asynchronous development is a daily battle here.

I must disclaim that I am not a medical professional in any capacity.  In fact I'm actually a structural engineer by degree.  I do have some insight into this world of giftedness that I have found to be a valuable resource being gifted myself and raising a very gifted youngling.  Hopefully I can share our view of the world and things that have helped us in our journey in this life here.

We are very active on our Instagram page, so be sure to check it out @littlegiftedschoolhouse.


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