Detective Books and Games for Kids

A detective streak has blown through our house lately with Madison loving anything and everything related to detectives and solving crimes!  Thankfully, with a bit of creativity, Pinterest, and the power of our local library, I was able to find all sorts of books and activities to feed her current interest.  We made a child led mini unit study out of all of this essentially.  This post goes over the books and games.  

detective books and games including games guess who?, Cat Crimes, Clue Junior, and Outfoxed.  Books ncluding Cam Jansen, Kate Warne Pinkerton Detective, The Buddy Files, Deductive Detective, A to Z Mysteries, King & Kayla, Nancy Clancy, Nancy Drew and Clue Crew, Detective La Rue
Detective and Crime Solving Books and Games

As you can see, we had quite the array of resources at hand.  Some of the board games we already frequently play, such as Guess Who?, Cat Crimes, Clue Junior, and Outfoxed! fit perfectly with this unit study.  Our library also had many books available.  Here is a break down of the books and games in case you are interested, with affiliate links in case you want to purchase and support our little blog here:


Guess Who?
Cat Crimes
Clue Junior


Picture Books

Early Chapter Books

Chapter Books for Slightly Older Kids

Of the entire collection here, M's favorite was probably the King & Kayla books.  These books are quick but detailed read aloud books for younger kids and exciting early chapter books for those ready to read on their own.  The endings are always nicely surprising as well!  

King & Kayla and the Case of the Secret Code book
King & Kayla and the Case of the Secret Code

Another favorite in the early chapter book section was Young Cam Jansen.  Cam Jansen is a young girl with fantastic problem solving skills who invokes the power of photographic memory to recall clues others may have missed.  M was shocked and delighted to hear of a character with "brain pictures" just like herself (that's certainly not a trait you see in children's books everyday either!).  The Young Cam Jansen series are early chapter books.  The Cam Jansen series are chapter books at a higher reading level.

Young Cam Jansen and the Spotted Cat Mystery
Young Cam Jansen and the Spotted Cat Mystery

Other notable books we read through include The Case of the Stinky Stench, which is hilarious and the illustrations are fantastic (and the detective is a croissant with a hat, it's hard to not read that!).  The Deductive Detective is also a great read and involves subtraction in a gentle way as each possible suspect is removed from the list as the deductive evidence points towards one individual.

Pinterest picture for detective books and games for kids with book titles and board games of this topic layed out

Stay tuned for more about the hands on activities we did during our detective unit studies!

Do your little ones, or bigger kids, enjoy detective or crime solving books or play?  Let me know in the comments!  I would love to hear what your kid's favorites are!

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