Our Main Curriculum Picks (2019-2020 Homeschool Year)

Hello friends!  Here is my first post on the actual content of our curriculum picks for the 2019-2020 school year.  If you want more information about how and why we picked curriculum, especially regarding age, check it out here!

Our main curriculum we will be using this year is a literature based curriculum known as Torchlight K: Worldly Wisdom.  Check out the amazing slew of books we get to dive into!  

Torchlight K curriculum books forward facing
Torchlight K curriculum books we have obtained so far (this is most of them)

If you want to check out the curriculum on Torchlight's website, check it out here.  If you want to purchase the books for this curriculum, check out their affiliate links to support them over there!

This curriculum covers all your major topics with the exception of phonics, spelling and math.  It covers:
  • Literature & Poetry
  • Art & Music
  • Geography, Social Studies, Culture 
  • Science
  • Reading and Writing (although we will be adding in handwriting work as needed)
  • Character Building
The weekly layout is really handy for those who have their hands so full, you are looking around for extra hands hiding somewhere.  Also great for those who just like to have something laid out.  I don't plan on necessarily using the days as written, especially considering we have other commitments 4 days a week that require us to be out of the house for part of the day.

stack of books that are the spine books for the Torchlight K curriculum
Stack of the spines for Torchlight K

Part of the reason I am really excited to use this curriculum is the fact that I think it is going to mesh with the way we already do things around here really well.  We do a TON of read aloud books and I am always asking critical thinking questions, or she is asking herself and digging so deep into the depths of the story that sometimes an excavator is needed to get her out!  Kidding, sort of (looking at you Paw Patrol, which we can't watch anymore) but I'll post more on the sensitivities and depth of intellectual versus emotional maturity of little gifted ones in the future.

One of M's favorite thing to do with pretend play is to travel around the world.  The new knowledge of cultures and people who live in the other parts of our planet absolutely fascinates her and fills her joy bucket to the brim.  I have seen learning about new places and people fuel her imagination like jet fuel.  Ideally, we would just travel the world and learn these things hands on.  This really isn't possible for us, right now anyways, so traveling through books is our mode of transportation.

That's a lot of books.  How will you read that many books?  

giant stack of books that go with Torchlight K curriculum
A lot of the books that go with Torchlight K

It truly is a lot of books.  So many fantastic books, I have read through almost all of them already myself.  A lot of these are the spines of the curriculum, in which maybe one or two pages are read a week to go with the country we are studying.  And the rest (some will come from the library so not everything is shown) cover 36 weeks of traveling the world.  To be honest, even in this last year, we have read far far more than what is seen here and we weren't really that deliberate about it either.  This isn't all the books either.  There are tons of extension books that I will get when we get closer to that week or see if the library has it.

Torchlight K curriculum Spine books forward facing
Spine books for Torchlight K

Other options I looked at for the main curriculum include Torchlight Pre-K and Build Your Library Level 0.  A lot of the books that are not pictured here, but I will be adding during the weeks for specific countries if I can get them from our local library are from Build Your Library Level 0.  Be sure to check back as I update the blog and Instagram to see those!  The book lists from that curriculum are fantastic too.  

I thought for a while we would use the Torchlight Pre-K curriculum, but after reviewing it and generally just reading the books we found at our library from the book list, I concluded that it might not be challenging enough for Madison.  However, I will say, if we had found that curriculum when she was a younger 2 year old, it would have been great.  Tons of great nature science to be discovered in a very low key sort of way.  We will be using some of the social and emotional resources from that curriculum about feelings and breathing techniques to get our zen on though.

I will make additional blog posts going over what we will be using for the other subjects we plan to cover.  Some of the materials will overlap as Torchlight K covers some of these areas too.  If I were really savvy about all this and didn't look like I haven't slept in 3 and half years, I might get on YouTube so you can see the materials in action or for a flip through of the books.  If that is something you would like, leave me a comment to let me know or message me on Instagram.  I'm sure there is some concealer strong enough to cover these sleepless eyes if the demand was there.  Stay tuned to see what else we will be using.


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