Homeschooling and Curriculum Choices for 2019-2020 School Year

I'm really excited to show you guys the curriculum picks we've made for the 2019-2020 school year!  Stay tuned for separate posts of each subject area.  I am currently planning all the chaos into some sort of plan.

planner with map of plans for the 2019-2020 school year which appears rather chaotic but possibly functional
My chaotic map of what we are using this year for resources
Wait a minute Marianne, curriculum....for a 3 year old?  Are you mad?  She should be playing all day!  When will she be a child!?  You can't strap her to a desk for school at this age!  That's too complex!  She needs to relax.  She should just be learning how to play and socialize at this age.  Stop pushing your child to get ahead!  Let her be little!

Poor young child forced to sit at table and do table work all day! Just kidding, shes drawing molecules or something.
Poor young child forced to sit at table and do table work all day!
Just kidding, shes drawing molecules or something.

But okay, okay.  Those are valid points!  And true, at that, for the most part, minus the complex comment.  But riddle me this:  What if I told you that my child led the way and determined what we do?  Would you believe me?  What if I told you learning and play can happen at the same time?  (Did I just blow your mind?)

M playing with blocks and grimms rainbow
M playing and learning about beam bridges that she was interested in at the moment.

I could have picked curriculum that would satisfy the grade level she is working at based on regular standards and we could just check boxes.  I could try to push it because it's where she can perform.  But...if I did, I would extinguish that burning fire inside of her filled with curiosity and the adventure of discovery.  So, we follow a child led (parent supported) method of learning in our lives here.  Any moment can be and is a learning moment.  Sometimes these little ones will blow your mind and you have to scrape yourself off the floor and hop back in to support them in their latest quest.

3 year old discovering negative numbers and addition between negative and positive numbers by herself
M the day she figured out how negative numbers work all on her own last spring,
so I drew her a number line and she figured out between -5 and +5 was 10.

We do the majority of our learning through play, reading together, hands on work, being immersed in nature, discussion, videos and documentaries, and apps.  Essentially anything I can get my hands on to support whatever complex question she has at the moment (cryostasis anyone?).  

With gifted children, one must also always remember and consider how asynchronous development is playing a part.  People say "let them be little", and yes, kids should be allowed to be kids.  But, when your young 2 year old wants to play complex play schemes involving layers of various planets in our solar system or Ancient Egypt, "let them be little" is going to look a little bit different.  That's okay though!  Learn through play.  Find a way to make these complex topics accessible for little ones that doesn't involve a heavy encyclopedia or writing a book report (unless that's their thing, then totally go for it).

Egyptian Playmobil

Many times we will read a good living book, and I can tell if its a good one because she will want to "play" the book.  We did a lot of fantastic learning about prehistoric people just by pretend playing together fueled by knowledge obtained in picture books.  

M spear fishing with a magnetic spear and magnetic fish
M spear fishing when we did Prehistoric People studies briefly in the spring 2019.

Using curriculum is merely a way for me to have moderately easy plans for delivering things shes interested in already set up for me (I don't have time to completely build my own curriculum at the moment).  Remember though, you are the master of your curriculum, not the other way around.  We use it as we please, and if something doesn't work for us or we don't need it for whatever reason, we skip it.  No big deal.

To support Madison's interests I have chosen several different curriculum to meet her needs.  Our Primary curriculum will be Torchlight K: Worldly Wisdom.  You can check that out here.  

Stack of spine books for torchlight K curriculum
Stack of the spines for Torchlight K curriculum

I really like the way this curriculum is put together.  It gives a weekly plan and the country or region changes every week too which I think keeps things fresh.  The main part that I like about this curriculum, aside from great book choices, is the critical thinking questions and the Socratic method interwoven into it that is appropriate for kids.  M really enjoys critical thinking questions and that really meshes with how her mind works.  Mine too!  So, we will be travelling to a new country or group of countries every week, reading fantastic living books that capture a vivid (but simple) image of the place.  M is always pretending to travel to different parts of the world so how perfect is a curriculum idea like this?

Want to find out what else we are using this school year?  Stay tuned for new posts!  As soon as I get all that together!  One of these days, right?  Other topics I will cover for curriculum/resources picks are:
  • Phonics/Reading/Spelling
  • Read Aloud Books
  • Math
  • Extracurricular
  • STEM
  • Science
  • More information on Torchlight K and the books/resources we will be using
  • History
  • Social, Emotional, and Character Building

Homeschooling a Gifted 3-year old
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