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Curriculum Picks for Kindergarten* (part 1, Summer 2021)

 So, M will officially be in Kindergarten this Fall (2021-2022 school year), like on paper, based on biological age.  But you know the old saying about homeschoolers who have no idea what grade they are in?  Yeah, that's us.  That being said, definitely don't look at our choices and wonder if your kindergartener is behind, or anywhere but where they should be.  We all move at our own pace and asynchronicity is the name of the game here.  We also school year round and honestly at this point I still consider M at the "informal schooling" stage of the game.  We don't require work to be completed or really even scheduled at this point, but she usually wants to do it when she feels up to it.  Check back with me once she hits 6 this Fall (if you're a Charlotte Mason fan, which I am).  Or even 7 years old if you are of the Waldorf loving sort.  Obviously we are not purists in any one educational philosophy.  I know like these sound like a lot but honestly we keep thi

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